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 àng rán abundant / full / overflowing / exuberant
 yì mǎn overflowing
 làn overflowing / excessive / indiscriminate
 jǐ mǎn crowded to bursting point / filled to overflowing / jam-packed
 héng shēng to grow without restraint / overflowing with / to happen unexpectedly
 liú guāng yì cǎi lit. flowing light and overflowing color / brilliant lights and vibrant colors (idiom)
 mí brimming or overflowing
 yán le yǎn r up to the eyeballs / full to overflowing / jampacked
 mǎn yì to be full to overflowing / to be brimming over with
 mǎn dēng dēng brim full / filled to overflowing
 yǎn lèi hèng liú to be overflowing with tears (idiom)
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