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 xì kàn to peer / to scan / to examine carefully
 tóng líng rén peer / one's contemporary / person of the same age
 kuī tàn to pry into or spy on / to snoop / to peep / to poke one's nose into / to peer / to get a glimpse of
 tóng bèi of the same generation / person of the same generation / peer
 tóng chái peer / member of the same class, generation or social group
 zhāng wàng to look around / to peep (through a crack) / to peer at / to throw a look at
 xūn jué Lord (UK hereditary nobility) / UK life peer
 fēn tíng kàng lǐ peer competition / to function as rivals / to make claims as an equal
 suō to throw a glance at / to peer at / Taiwan pr. [jun4]
 tóng chái tuán tǐ peer group
 tóng chái yā lì peer pressure
 tóng chái shěn chá peer review
 tóng chái fú chí peer support
 tóng chái jiǎn shì peer review
 tóng chái zī shāng peer counseling
 tóng jí píng shěn peer review
 kuàng dài unrivalled / without peer in this generation
  peer review
 tòng bàn huó dòng peer activity
 tòng shì hù zhù wǎng Peer Support Personnel Network
  peer educator
 fēi zhōu tòng chái shěn yì jī zhì African Peer Review Mechanism
  Youth Peer Education Electronic Resource
  Peer Approach to Counselling to Teens
  peer pressure
  Peer Review Meeting on Slum Estimation
  Peer Review Group
  peer education
  Subcommittee on Peer Education
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