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 fǎn fù repeatedly / over and over / to upend / unstable / to come and go / (of an illness) to return
 yī zài repeatedly
 lu:3 cì repeatedly / time and again
 duō cì many times / repeatedly
 bù zhù repeatedly / continuously / constantly / unable to (resist, conceal etc)
 lái huí to make a round trip / return journey / back and forth / to and fro / repeatedly
 lián lián repeatedly / again and again
 pín pín repeatedly / again and again / continuously / constantly
 yī cì yòu yī cì repeatedly / over and over again
 lián shēng repeatedly (say something)
 lu:3 lu:3 again and again / repeatedly
 fǎn fǎn fù fù repeatedly / time and time again
 lián fān repeatedly
 shuò frequently / repeatedly
 lu:3 time and again / repeatedly / frequently
 dié alternately / repeatedly
 qì repeatedly / frequently
 zhūn repeatedly (in giving advice) / sincere / earnest / untiring
 zài sān zài sì repeatedly / over and over again
 lái huí lái qù repeatedly / back and forth again and again
 zài sì repeatedly / over and over again
 dīng zhǔ to warn repeatedly / to urge / to exhort again and again
 dié qǐ continuously arising / to arise repeatedly
 zhuàn you to roll / to wander around / to appear repeatedly
 lu:3 zāo to suffer repeatedly
 Lián Pō Lian Po (327-243 BC), famous general of Zhao 趙國|赵国, repeatedly victorious over Qin 秦國|秦国 / and Qi 齊國|齐国
 lěi fàn to repeatedly commit an offense / repeat offender / habitual criminal / recidivist / recidivism
 chóng yì to translate again (i.e. to redo the same translation) / to translate repeatedly from one language to the next (so multiplying errors)
 dīng to sting or bite (of mosquito, bee etc) / to say repeatedly / to urge insistently / to ask repeatedly / to stick to a point / (onom.) tinkling or jingling sound
 céng jiàn dié chū to occur frequently / to occur repeatedly
 qiān dīng wàn zhǔ repeatedly urging / imploring over and over again
 bā qián suàn hòu thinking and pondering (idiom) / to turn sth over in one's mind / to consider repeatedly
 jǐ cì sān fān lit. twice then three times (idiom) / fig. repeatedly / over and over again
 zhūn zhūn gào jiè to repeatedly advise sb earnestly (idiom) / to admonish
 bǎo yǐ lǎo quán to thump repeatedly with one's fist
 dīng wèn to question closely / to make a detailed inquiry / to probe / to ask repeatedly
 huí guō yóu to use the same oil repeatedly for deep frying (a possible health hazard)
 huàn lái huàn to repeatedly exchange
 dǎo teng to turn over sth repeatedly
 pū leng to do sth repeatedly
 gǔn dāo kuài chunks obtained by repeatedly cutting a vegetable diagonally and rotating the vegetable after each cut
 jiū shā folk remedy involving repeatedly pinching the neck, throat, back etc to increase blood flow to the area and relieve inflammation
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