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 shuǐ kù reservoir / CL:座[zuo4]
 chí pond / reservoir / moat
 pí reservoir
 zhù shuǐ chù reservoir
 xī shōu kù reservoir
 chǔ céng reservoir
 Qiān dǎo Hú Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, aka Xin'an River Reservoir, created as part of a large hydroelectric project in 1959
 xù shuǐ chí water reservoir
 Guān tīng shuǐ kù Guanting or Kuan-ting Reservoir in Hebei, one of the main water reservoirs serving Beijing
 sān xiá shuǐ kù the Three Gorges reservoir
 Sān xiá kù Three gorges reservoir on the Changjiang or Yangtze
 Sān xiá shuǐ kù Three Gorges Reservoir on the Changjiang or Yangtze
 Zǐ píng pū Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan
 Zǐ píng pū dà bà Zipingpu reservoir, Sichuan
 Zǐ píng pū shuǐ kù Zipingpu Reservoir, Sichuan
 chǔ céng yán shí reservoir rock
 dàn xī shōu kù nitrogen oxide reservoir
  reservoir species
  natural reservoir
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