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 jiān jué firm / resolute / determined
 jiān dìng firm / steady / staunch / resolute
 duàn rán resolute / definitive / categorically / absolutely
 zhèng sè stern / grim / resolute / firm / unflinching / fundamental colors
 jué duàn to make a decision / resolution / decisiveness / resolute
 gāng yì resolute / steadfast / stalwart
 jiān strong / solid / firm / unyielding / resolute
 wěi resolute
 jué xīn determination / resolution / determined / firm and resolute / to make up one's mind / CL:個|个[ge4]
 yǒu xīn rén resolute person / person with aspirations / people who feel / people who use their heads
 zhǎn dīng jié tiě lit. to chop the nail and slice the iron (idiom) / fig. resolute and decisive / unhesitating / categorical
 guǒ gǎn courageous / resolute and daring
 gāng liè resolute and upright in character / unyielding / staunch
 yì firm and resolute / staunch
 bīng guì shén sù lit. speed is a crucial asset in war (idiom) / fig. swift and resolute (in doing sth)
 gāng yì mù nè resolute and taciturn (idiom)
 duō móu shàn duàn resourceful and decisive / resolute and sagacious
 lì jiǔ mí jiān to become more resolute with the passing of time (idiom)
 yán bì xìn , xíng bì guǒ one must be a man of his word and resolute in his work (proverb)
 yīng míng guǒ duàn wise and resolute
 guǒ courageous / resolute and daring
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