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 fǎn yìng to react / to respond / reaction / response / reply / chemical reaction / CL:個|个[ge4]
 huí yìng to respond / response
 yìng duì response / to answer / to reply
 gǎn yìng response / reaction / interaction / irritability (biol.) / induction (elec.) / inductance
 huí xiǎng to echo / to reverberate / to respond / echo / response / reaction
 duì dá to reply / to answer / response / reply
 zhēn duì to target / to focus on / to be aimed at or against / in response to
 zuò chū to put out / to come up with / to make (a choice, decision, proposal, response, comment etc) / to issue (a permit, statement, explanation, apology, reassurance to the public etc) / to draw (conclusion) / to deliver (speech, judgment) / to devise (explanation) / to extract
 jiàn zhuàng upon seeing this, ... / in response, ...
 gòng míng resonance (physics) / sympathetic response to sth
 yìng jí yù àn response plan
 xiǎng yìng shí jiān response time
 pī wén official written ruling in response to a submission / official approval in writing
 shí chén dà hǎi lit. to throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea (idiom) / fig. to elicit no response
 fǎn yīng shí response time
 miǎn yì yīng dá immune response
 pī fù to give an official response
 fǎn yīng shí jiān response time (technology)
 guāng gǎn yìng optical response / reaction to light / light sensitive / photoinduction
 miǎn yì fǎn yìng immune response
 sì fāng xiǎng yìng a response from every direction (idiom)
 tiáo jiàn fǎn yìng conditioned response
 yán xìng fǎn yìng inflammation response
 jī jí fǎn yìng active response / energetic response
 děng yīn fèng cǐ officialese / official routine / (old) (conventional phrase used in response to one's superior) in view of the above, we therefore...
 nì fǎn yìng reverse reaction / counterreaction / inverse response
 biàn tài fǎn yìng allergic response / allergy
  Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism
  Early Warning and Response
  Protocol on the Establishment of a Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism
  Framework for Mine Action Planning and Rapid Response / Mine Action Rapid Response Plan / Rapid Response Plan
  Framework for Mine Action Planning and Rapid Response / Mine Action Rapid Response Plan / Rapid Response Plan
  Framework for Mine Action Planning and Rapid Response / Mine Action Rapid Response Plan / Rapid Response Plan
  Emergency Response Unit
  matching response
  matching response
  response signal
  Emergency Preparedness and Response Section
  Humanitarian Response Group
  response rate
  emergency response
  Response Strategies Working Group
  Central Emergency Response Fund Advisory Group
  climate response
  Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea
  equilibrium response
  Audit Response and Boards of Inquiry Team
  transient climate response
  rapid reaction capability / ready response capability
  World Climate Impact Assessment and Response Strategies Programme
  response strategy
  Complex Emergency Response Branch
  Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment
  Financial Sector Reforms in Response to Globalization
  specific response plan
  Rapid Social Response
  response mechanism
  response mechanism
  UN-Oceans Task Force on Post-Tsunami Response
  Complex Emergency Response and Consolidated Appeal Process Branch
  Emergency Response and Transitional Recovery
  Audit Response Unit
  rapid response mechanism
  Audit Response and Boards of Inquiry Section
  Emergency Response Unit
  deactivation of a response plan
  Immediate Response Account
  Regional Action Plan to Address the Growing Problem of Illicit Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime and Drug Abuse in West Africa / Regional Response Action Plan
  Reproductive Health Response in Conflict Consortium
  quick action response capacity fund
  conditioned avoidance response
  unified United Nations response to the global food price challenge
  Global Disaster Alert and Response Coordination System
  Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
  Emergency Preparedness and Response Officer
  Global Initiative for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response
  biochemical response
  Humanitarian Response Working Group
  Human Response to Global Change
 guó jì sōu suǒ jiù yuán zhǔn zé International Search and Rescue Response Guidelines
  Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network
  Response Assistance Network
  emergency response fund
  Management Response Matrix
  Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness for Transport Accidents Involving Radioactive Material
  emergency response drill
  Rapid Response Media Mechanism
  Pan-African Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response
  Joint Emergency Response Centre
  Interregional Symposium on Water-related Disaster Reduction and Response
  deliberate response
  deliberate response
  Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
  spill response product
  humanitarian response capacity
  Bioterrorism Incident Pre-Planning and Response Guide
  Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response
  United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response
  disaster response
  Response International
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