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 hǒu to roar / to howl / to shriek / roar or howl of an animal / bellow of rage
 páo xiào to roar / to thunder / to snarl / to bluster (of wind, waves etc) / crashing waves (onom.) / to rage (of a person)
 hǒu shēng roar
 háo roar / cry / CL:個|个[ge4]
 hōng roar of laughter (onom.) / hubbub / to roar (as a crowd)
 xiào pant / roar / bark (of animals)
 páo to roar
 háo to shout / to roar / to terrify / swiftly
 xū breathe on / yawn / roar
 hū háo to roar (of animals) / to wail / to cry out in distress / see also 呼號|呼号[hu1 hao2]
 kàn variant of 闞|阚[kan4] / to roar / to growl
 hōng xiào to roar with laughter / hoots of laughter / guffaw
 xiāo pant / roar / bark (of animals)
 hǔ a tiger's roar / to scare
 hǒu roar or howl of an animal / bellow of rage
 xiāo roar of a tiger
 péng roar of dashing waves
 xiāo the scream or roar of a tiger / to intimidate / to scare
 hū là là roar of the wind
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