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 rì chéng schedule / itinerary / CL:個|个[ge4]
 diào dù to dispatch (vehicles, staff etc) / to schedule / to manage / dispatcher / scheduler
 shí kè biǎo timetable / schedule
 shí jiān biǎo schedule / timetable
 xíng shì lì calendar / schedule
 míng xì biǎo schedule / subsidiary ledger / a detailed list
 bān qī schedule (for flight, voyage etc)
 pái dìng to schedule
 shí chéng timetable / schedule
 yù dìng to schedule in advance
 jìn dù pace / tempo / degree of progress (on project) / work schedule
 àn shí on time / before deadline / on schedule
 zhǔn shí on time / punctual / on schedule
 tí zǎo ahead of schedule / sooner than planned / to bring forward (to an earlier time)
 sài chéng competition schedule / the course of a race
 àn qī on schedule / on time
 rì chéng biǎo daily schedule
 wǎn diǎn (of trains etc) late / delayed / behind schedule / light dinner
 bǎi máng busy schedule
 kòng dàng gap (between two objects) / interval of time (between events) / opening in one's schedule / free time / (fig.) gap (in the market etc)
 dàng qī slot within a schedule / timeslot (for a TV program, a session with a photographer etc) / range of dates in which an event is to be held (film screening, exhibition etc)
 zuò xī shí jiān daily schedule / daily routine
广 guǎng bō jié mù radio program / broadcast schedule
 jìn dù biǎo timeline / work schedule
 wù diǎn not on time / late (public transport, airlines) / overdue / behind schedule / delayed
 tíng háng to stop running (of flight of shipping service) / to suspend service (flight, sailing) / to interrupt schedule
 háng bān biǎo flight schedule
 zuò xī shí jiān biǎo daily schedule / work schedule
 jiǎn yā shí jiān biǎo decompression schedule (diving) / also called 減壓程序|减压程序[jian3 ya1 cheng2 xu4]
 jiǎn yā chéng xù decompression schedule
 tuō bān behind schedule / late
 rú yuē ér zhì to arrive as planned / right on schedule
 fù biǎo kāi liè wù zhì Schedule ... substance
  repayment schedule
使  reduction schedule (for halons)
 chí xù jì suàn biǎo continuity schedule
  compressed work schedule
 fù biǎo yī Schedule I
  tariff schedule
 yù fù kuǎn biǎo schedule of advances
  programming schedule
  withdrawal timetable / withdrawal schedule
  comprehensive schedule and financing plan
  General Schedule
  retention schedule / records retention schedule
  Mission Records Retention Schedule
 piǎo sì Schedule IV
  Schedule II
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