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 huǒ là painful heat / scorching / rude and forthright / provocative / hot / sexy
 zhuó rè burning hot / scorching / worried
 yán yán scorching
 huǒ là là painful heat / scorching / painful heat / rude and forthright / provocative / hot / sexy
 shāo zhuó shāng burn (injury) / scorching
 liè rì scorching sun
 lěng cháo rè fěng frigid irony and scorching satire (idiom) / to mock and ridicule
 bào shài (of the sun) to scorch / to expose to a scorching sun
 yán xià hot summer / scorching summer
 shuǐ shēn huǒ rè deep water and scorching fire / abyss of suffering (idiom)
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