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线 zhēn xiàn huó needlework / sewing
线 zhēn xiàn huó jì needlework / sewing
线 yǐn xiàn fuse (for an explosive device) / electrical lead / intermediary / catalyst / (dialect) sewing needle
 féng rèn jī sewing machine / CL:架[jia4]
 jīn zhēn needle used in embroidery or sewing / acupuncture needle / orange day-lily (Hemerocallis fulva)
线 féng xiàn sewing thread / suture
 nà to receive / to accept / to enjoy / to bring into / to pay (tax etc) / nano- (one billionth) / to reinforce sole of shoes or stockings by close sewing
 féng féng lián lián needlework / sewing and mending
 féng yī zhēn sewing needle
线 zhēn tóu xiàn nǎo needle and thread / sewing implements / needlework / (fig.) unimportant thing
线 zhēn xiàn bó lí wicker sewing basket (dialect)
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