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 qiān míng to sign (one's name with a pen etc) / to autograph / signature
 qiān zì to sign (one's name) / signature
 qiān zhāng signature
 huā yā signature (in grass-style writing) / symbol used in place of a signature (on a document, contract etc)
 zhǔ tí qū signature tune
 shù zì qiān míng digital signature
 zhāo pái cài signature dish / a restaurant’s most famous dish
 yìn jiàn seal impression / stamp / mark from a seal serving as signature
  right of signature
 xià kuǎn signature on letter / name of donor
 pāi hào time signature (music)
 zhāo pái dòng zuò signature move
 diào hào tone mark on a Chinese syllable (i.e. accents on ā / á / ǎ / à) / (music) key signature
  magnetic signature projector / magnetic signature duplicator / magnetic signature replicator
 què dìng qiān shǔ definitive signature
 hǎi yá guī zé International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules of Law Relating to Bills of Lading and Protocol of Signature / The Hague Rules
  simple signature
  ionopause signature
 tòng wèi sù biāo jì isotopic signature
  e-mail signature
  virus signature
  chemical signature transport
  the initialling of a text constitutes a signature of the treaty
  signature tune
  explosion signature
  electronic signature
  target signature
线  baseline environmental signature
  Optional Protocol of Signature concerning the Compulsory Settlement of Disputes
  heroin signature programme
  signature analysis of drugs
  spectral signature
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