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 diǎn shuǐ to skim / lightly touching the water (as the dragonfly in the idiom 蜻蜓點水|蜻蜓点水) / skin-deep
 shè liè to skim (through a book) / to read cursorily / to dip into
 tuō zhī to remove fat / to skim (milk)
 lu:è to take over by force / to rob / to plunder / to brush over / to skim / to sweep
 piē qù skim
 liú lǎn to skim / to browse
 liú lǎn to skim over / to browse
 gài lǎn general overview / to skim through
 lu:è dú to read cursorily / to skim through
 piē diào to skim froth or foam from the surface of a liquid
 yíng yǎng tuō zhī nǎi reinforced skim milk
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