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 zhǔ shí main food / staple (rice and noodles)
 dà zōng large amount / staple / influential family of long standing
 míng chǎn staple / name-brand product
 dìng to join things together by fixing them in place at one or more points / to nail / to pin / to staple / to sew on
 dìng shū zhēn staple
 dìng shū zhēn staple / also written 訂書針|订书针[ding4 shu1 zhen1]
 dìng shū dīng staple (stationery)
 qū qu er staple (used with a hasp)
 dà lù huò staple goods
 qǐ dīng qì staple remover
  staple crop
  staple food cereals
 xx5 (Japanese kokuji) large staple driven into two pieces of wood to hold them together / pr. kasugai
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