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 hūn mí to lose consciousness / to be in a coma / stupor / coma / stunned / disoriented
 mù dèng kǒu dāi dumbstruck (idiom) / stupefied / stunned
 è rán stunned / amazed
 shǎ yǎn stunned / struck dumb / flabbergasted
 liù shén wú zhǔ out of one's wits (idiom) / distracted / stunned
 mēng (knocked) unconscious / dazed / stunned
 mù zhēng kǒu dāi lit. eye startled, mouth struck dumb (idiom) / stunned / stupefied
 mù zhēng kǒu dāi stunned / dumbstruck
 jīng dāi stupefied / stunned
 jīng jù in a panic / stunned
 fā dāi to stare blankly / to be stunned / to be lost in thought
 jīng chà to be surprised / to be amazed / to be stunned
 mù xuàn shén mí to be dazzled and stunned (idiom)
 dèng mù níng shì in a catatonic state / shocked and stunned (idiom)
 jīng jí stunned and anxious
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