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 wù zī goods / supplies
 bǔ jǐ pǐn supplies / stores
 gōng yìng pǐn supplies
 quē huò lack of supplies / unavailable goods
 qiǎng gòu to buy frenetically / to snap up (bargains, dwindling supplies etc)
 tún jī to stock up / to lay in supplies / to hoard (for speculation) / to corner the market in sth
 jūn xū military supplies
 jiā liào to feed in / to load (raw material, supplies, fuel etc) / to supply / fortified (with added material)
 kōng tóu air drop / to drop supplies by air
 tuō xiāo to sell out / to run out (of supplies) / deficient / lack of supplies
 yī liáo yòng pǐn medical supplies
 quē liáng to lack food supplies
 jiān bì to cache / to hide supplies (from the enemy)
 wō gōng (of workers) to have no work to do / to be underutilized (due to lack of supplies, poor organization by management etc)
 wéi xiū yòng pǐn maintenance supplies
 bàn gōng shì yòng pǐn xiǎo zǔ Office Supplies Team
  combat supplies
 huán wèi yòng pǐn sanitation supplies
  Field Expendable and Supplies system
  Supplies and Food-Aid Field Handbook
 yòng pǐn cāng kù zhǔ guǎn Supplies Stores Supervisor
  supplies and materials
  humanitarian supplies
  Supplies and Food Aid Service
  family planning supplies
  State Company for Importation of Drugs and Medical Supplies / Kimadia
  United Nations Requirements for the Provision of Medical Supplies
  emergency health supplies
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