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 jiān shì to monitor / to keep a close watch over / surveillance
 shè xiàng tóu webcam / surveillance camera
 yán mì strict / tight (organization, surveillance etc)
 jiān shì qì security camera / surveillance monitor
 zhēn chá jī surveillance aircraft / spy plane
 bù kòng to deploy surveillance / to put under surveillance
 diàn zǐ jǐng chá traffic camera / speed camera / closed-circuit TV police surveillance
 jiān shì jū zhù residential surveillance, a form of noncustodial house arrest
 Jīn dùn Gōng chéng Golden Shield Project, information system for censorship and surveillance, thought to include the Great Firewall of China 防火長城|防火长城[Fang2 huo3 Chang2 cheng2] as a component
  Surveillance, Forecasting, and Impact Assessment
  Division of Epidemiological Surveillance and Health Situation and Trend Assessment
  Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology Unit
  monitoring, control and surveillance
U-2侦 U-2zhēn chá jī U-2 surveillance plane / U-2
  area surveillance
  Nutrition Surveillance Training Programme
  natural surveillance
  air quality monitoring / air surveillance
  Division of Emerging and other Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control
  Global HIV Drug Resistance Surveillance Network
  Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Unit
  Intergovernmental Working Group on Monitoring or Surveillance
  Global Agenda on Influenza Surveillance, Prevention and Control
  intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance
  limited international special surveillance list (of chemicals)
  limited international special surveillance list (of chemicals)
  Inter-Agency Fund for Nutrition Surveillance
  International Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Network for Fisheries-Related Activities / MCS Network
  intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft / ISR aircraft
  nutrition surveillance system
  intrusive surveillance
  syndromic surveillance / clinical surveillance
  syndromic surveillance / clinical surveillance
线  regional training and surveillance network for dracunculiasis in Africa
  Direction de la surveillance du territoire
  communications, navigation, and surveillance and air-traffic management
  Surveillance Centre
  surveillance monitoring
  Sudan Emergency and Recovery Information and Surveillance System
  programmable surveillance camera
  Global Influenza Surveillance Network
 lián hé zhēn chá mù biāo gōng jī léi dá xì tǒng Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System / Joint STARS
  multilateral surveillance
  nutritional surveillance
  Inter-agency Food and Nutrition Surveillance Programme
  International Conference on Food and Nutritional Surveillance for National Development
  ground surveillance radar
  market surveillance
  epidemiological surveillance
  enhanced surveillance procedure / enhanced surveillance
  demographic surveillance system
  Department of Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response
  long range surveillance unit
  Sound Surveillance System
  International League of Surveillance Societies
  Nutrition and Child Health Surveillance System
  Coordinated Research and Environmental Surveillance
  demographic surveillance
  air surveillance unit
  electronic surveillance
  air surveillance / aerial surveillance
  Steering Committee on Epidemiological Research, Surveillance and Forecasting
 Sī nuò dēng Edward Snowden (1983-), American surveillance program whistleblower
 hǎi jiàn chuán naval surveillance vessel / maritime patrol boat
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