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 yí zhǔ testament / will
 yí shū posthumous writing / testament / suicide note / ancient literature
 sù shuō to recount / to tell of / to relate / (fig.) (of a thing) to stand as testament to (some past history)
 Xīn yuē New Testament
 Yuē bó Job (name) / Book of Job in the Old Testament
 A1 mó sī shū Book of Amos, one of the books of the Nevi'im and of the Christian Old Testament
 Jiù yuē quán shū Old Testament
 Xīn yuē quán shū New Testament
 Bó sài dà Bethsaida, settlement on the shore of the Sea of Galilee mentioned in the New Testament
 Yǐ lì yà Elijah (Old Testament prophet)
西 Mó xī Wǔ jīng the Pentateuch / the five books of Moses in the Old Testament
 Sā jiā lì yà Zechariah (name) / Zechariah (Old Testament prophet)
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