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 chòu chóng bedbug (Cimex lectularius) / tick
 duì hào tick / check mark (✓) / number for verification (serial number, seat number etc) / (fig.) two things match up
 dǎ gōu to tick / to check / tick mark / check mark
 dī da shēng tick (tock)
 gōu to attract / to arouse / to tick / to strike out / to delineate / to collude / variant of 鉤|钩[gou1], hook
 pí tick (zoology)
 bì shī tick / bedbug
 dǎ gōu to check / to tick / (old) to buy
 biǎn shī tick (zoology)
 cǎo pá zi tick (zoology)
 dī dā (onom.) pattering sound / drip drip (of water) / tick tock (of clock) / also pr. [di1 da5]
 gōu chū to delineate / to articulate / to evoke / to draw out / to tick off
 dī dā (onom.) tick tock
 gōu to hook / to sew / to crochet / hook / check mark or tick / window catch
 kǎ dā shēng , dī da shēng (onom.) clunk click / tick tock
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