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 shēn shǒu to reach out with one's hand / to hold out a hand / (fig.) to beg / to get involved / to meddle
 kěn qiú to beg / to beseech / to entreat / entreaty
 qǐ tǎo to beg / to go begging
 qǐ qiú to beg
 tǎo fàn to ask for food / to beg
 yào fàn to beg (for food or money)
 xíng qǐ to beg / to ask for alms
 huà yuán (of a monk) to beg
 yāng center / end / to beg / to plead
 qiú qǐ to beg
 qǐ to beg
 yāng jí to ask / to plead / to beg / to involve
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