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 jié shù termination / to finish / to end / to conclude / to close
 zǒng jié to sum up / to conclude / summary / résumé / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jié lùn conclusion / verdict / CL:個|个[ge4] / to conclude / to reach a verdict
 duàn dìng to conclude / to determine / to come to a judgment
 xià chang the end / to conclude
 dìng lì to conclude (treaty, contract, agreement etc) / to set up (a rule etc)
 wán jié to finish / to conclude / completed
 liǎo jié to settle / to finish / to conclude / to wind up
 shōu chǎng the end / an ending / to wind down / to conclude
 dì jié to conclude (an agreement)
 guī jié to sum up / to conclude / in a nutshell / the end (of a story)
 dìng to agree / to conclude / to draw up / to subscribe to (a newspaper etc) / to order
 kāi jiāo (used with negative) to conclude / (impossible) to end / (can't) finish
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