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 xiǎn shì to show / to illustrate / to display / to demonstrate
 biǎo xiàn to show / to show off / to display / to manifest / expression / manifestation / show / display / performance (at work etc) / behavior
 fā huī to display / to exhibit / to bring out implicit or innate qualities / to express (a thought or moral) / to develop (an idea) / to elaborate (on a theme)
 zhǎn shì to reveal / to display / to show / to exhibit sth
 zhǎn xiàn to come out / to emerge / to reveal / to display
 chū shì to show / to take out and show to others / to display
 chén liè to display / to exhibit
 shuǎ to play with / to wield / to act (cool etc) / to display (a skill, one's temper etc)
 liú lù chū to display (talent) / to exude (pleasure)
 bǎi shè to arrange / to set out / to decorate / to display / decorative items
 chén shè to display / to set out / furnishings
 luó bù to display / to spread out / to distribute / old spelling of 盧布|卢布[lu2 bu4], ruble
 jìn zhǎn to display (one's potential, one's talents etc)
 shè to set up / to arrange / to establish / to found / to display
 chén to lay out / to exhibit / to display / to narrate / to state / to explain / to tell / old / stale
 pū to spread / to display / to set up / (old) holder for door-knocker
 lú belly / skin / to state / to pass on information / to display
 zhǎn liè to lay out one's products / to display
 pū bǎi to display (goods) / to dispose of
 pū tan to spread out / to display / to lay out a vendor's stall
 pū fàng to display
 chén fàng to display
 bān shì to make public / to display
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