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 biǎo xiàn to show / to show off / to display / to manifest / expression / manifestation / show / display / performance (at work etc) / behavior
 biǎo qíng (facial) expression / to express one's feelings / expression
 cí yǔ word (general term including monosyllables through to short phrases) / term (e.g. technical term) / expression
 shén tài appearance / manner / bearing / deportment / look / expression / mien
 shén qì expression / manner / vigorous / impressive / lofty / pretentious
 shén qíng look / expression
 shén sè expression / look
 biǎo dá shì expression (math.)
 shén cǎi expression / spirit / vigor
 yán cí words / expression / what one says
 shén deity / soul / spirit / unusual / mysterious / lively / expressive / expression / look / CL:個|个[ge4] / (slang) awesome / amazing
 jìn strength / energy / enthusiasm / spirit / mood / expression / interest / CL:把[ba3] / Taiwan pr. [jing4]
 biǎo shì shì expression (math.)
 yùn suàn shì (math.) expression (arithmetic, Boolean etc)
 yán sè color / countenance / appearance / facial expression / pigment / dyestuff
 nǎ lǐ where? / somewhere / anywhere / wherever / nowhere (negative answer to question) / humble expression denying compliment
 yǎn shén expression or emotion showing in one's eyes / meaningful glance / wink / eyesight (dialect)
 xiào róng smile / smiling expression / CL:副[fu4]
 yán lùn expression of opinion / views / remarks / arguments
 jī liè (of competition or fighting) intense / fierce / (of pain) acute / (of an expression of opinion) impassioned / vehement / (of a course of action) drastic / extreme
 kǒu qì tone of voice / the way one speaks / manner of expression / tone
 qíng sè erotic (of art etc) / facial expression (archaic)
 yī shuō an expression of opinion / according to some
 xiào yì smiling expression
 chéng yǔ Chinese set expression, typically of 4 characters, often alluding to a story or historical quotation / idiom / proverb / saying / adage / CL:條|条[tiao2],本[ben3],句[ju4]
 kàn zài (in the expression 看在…的份上) for the sake of ... / considering ...
 zài na r (adverbial expression indicating that the attention of the subject of the verb is focused on what they are doing, not distracted by anything else) / just ...ing (and nothing else)
 lǎng sòng to read aloud with expression / to recite / to declaim
 zhì xiè expression of gratitude / to give thanks / a thank-you note / acknowledgement
 kǒu tóu chán Zen saying repeated as cant / (fig.) catchphrase / mantra / favorite expression / stock phrase
 nā mó Buddhist salutation or expression of faith (loanword from Sanskrit) / Taiwan pr. [na2 mo2]
 xǐ sè happy expression / cheerful look
 bǎi huā qí fàng a hundred flowers bloom (idiom) / let the arts have free expression
 bài bǐ a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting / a faulty expression in writing
 shén sì similar in expression and spirit / to bear a remarkable resemblance to
 xīn cí new expression / neologism
 jiǒng jiǒng yǒu shén eyes bright and full of expression
 chá yán guān sè to weigh up sb's words and observe their facial expression (idiom) / to discern what sb thinks from his body language
 gǔ yǔ ancient language / old expression
 jiǔ sè wine and women / color of wine / drunken expression
 zài bài to bow again / to bow twice (gesture of respect in former times) / (in letters, an expression of respect)
 jìn yì cí synonym / close equivalent expression
 shì zi formula / mathematical expression
 zhuā ěr náo sāi to tweak one's ears and scratch one's cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration etc) (idiom)
 kǒu tóu yǔ pet phrase / regularly used expression / manner of speaking
 qiú zhí (math.) to evaluate (an expression, function etc) / evaluation
 gēn shì surd (math.) / algebraic expression involving a square root or other irrationality
 fú xiàng facial expression of good fortune / joyous and contented look
 à interjection or grunt of agreement / uhm / Ah, OK / expression of recognition / Oh, it's you!
 zhèng zé biǎo dá shì regular expression (computing)
 qiān cí humble words / self-deprecatory expression / to modestly decline
 sā to let go / to cast / to let loose / to discharge / to give expression to
 shū to express / to give expression to / variant of 紓|纾[shu1] / to relieve
 yí expression of surprise
 gǎn tóng shēn shòu to feel as if it had happened to oneself / to sympathize / (polite expression of gratitude for a favor received by a friend etc) I take it as a personal favor
 shēng qíng bìng mào (of a singer etc) excellent in voice and expression (idiom)
 bēi cí hòu bì humble expression for generous donation
 bēi cí hòu lǐ humble expression for generous gift
 shǎo jiàn duō guài lit. rarely seen, very strange (idiom) / to express amazement due to lack of experience / naive expression of excitement due to ignorance
 biàn sè yì róng to change color and alter one's expression (idiom) / to go white with fear / out of one's wits
 chǒu xiàng ugly expression / unsightly manners
 biǎn cí derogatory term / expression of censure
 jī yīn biǎo dá gene expression
 miàn bù biǎo qíng facial expression
 zhōng zhuì infix (grammar), particle attached within a word or expression
 gōng bèi shì common multiple expression
 piān expression of contempt equivalent to 呸[pei1]
 wǎn chēng euphemism (tactful expression for sth unpleasant such as death)
 wǎn cí euphemism (tactful expression for sth unpleasant such as death)
 wǎn cí tactful expression / to politely decline
 guài yàng odd expression / funny looks / queer face / to grimace / to give sb funny looks / to pull faces
 xí guàn yòng yǔ idiom / idiomatic expression / habitual form of speech (grammar)
 tǎn miǎn to bare one's left arm and take off one's cap as an expression of sorrow
 qiān yǔ humble expression
 bǐ xiè yǔ vulgar expression / obscene expression
 biǎo dá zì yóu freedom of expression
  Arab Organization for the Defense of Expression and Press Freedom
  surface expression
  freedom of artistic expression
 fēi zhōu biǎo dá zì yóu yuán zé xuān yán Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression in Africa
  International Freedom of Expression Exchange
 zé gè (old sentence-final expression used for emphasis)
 kǔ guā liǎn sour expression on one's face
 nǎ r de huà (coll.) not at all (humble expression denying compliment) / don't mention it
 yǒu lǐ shì rational expression (math.)
 liǎn bù biǎo qíng facial expression
 xíng sè shape and color / appearance / facial expression
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