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 wēi xiào smile / CL:個|个[ge4],絲|丝[si1] / to smile
 xiào laugh / smile / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xiào róng smile / smiling expression / CL:副[fu4]
 yǐn smile (archaic)
 kāi yán to smile / to beam
 wǎn smile
 shěn (literary) to smile / to sneer
 jiě yí to smile / to laugh
 kǔ xiào to force a smile / a bitter laugh
 lěng xiào to sneer / to laugh grimly / grin of dissatisfaction (bitterness, helplessness, indignation etc) / bitter, grim, sarcastic or angry smile
 hán xiào to have a smile on one's face
 huì xīn knowing (of a smile, look etc)
 àn xǐ hidden smile / smirk / to rejoice covertly / secret satisfaction concerning one's evil plans
 jiān xiào evil smile / sinister smile
 xiào yín yín smiling / with a smile
 gān xiào to give a hollow laugh / to force a smile / forced laugh / CL:聲|声[sheng1]
 rěn jùn bù jīn cannot help laughing / unable to restrain a smile
 dòu xiào to amuse / to cause to smile / amusing
 pí xiào ròu bù xiào to put on a fake smile (idiom) / to smile insincerely
 qiǎng yán huān xiào to pretend to look happy / to force oneself to smile
 xiào zhú yán kāi smile spread across the face (idiom) / beaming with pleasure / all smiles / joy written across one's face
 fēi zi xiào concubine's smile, a cultivar of lychee
 càn rán clear and bright / with a big smile
 péi xiào to smile apologetically or obsequiously
 xiào miàn hǔ man with a big smile and evil intentions
 cǎn xiào bitter smile
 sì xiào fēi xiào like a smile yet not a smile (idiom)
 yān rán yī xiào to smile sweetly
 yī pín yī xiào every frown and every smile
 yú to smile at
 xiào old variant of 笑, laugh / smile
 mèi xiào enchanting smile
 huì xīn wēi xiào a knowing smile (idiom)
 pò yán to break into a smile / (of flowers) to open
 hàn shǒu wēi xiào to nod and smile
 càn xiào to smile brightly
 guǐ xiào smirk / insincere smile
 fǎ lìng wén nasolabial fold / smile lines / laugh lines
 bí chún gōu nasolabial fold / smile lines / laugh lines
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