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 jī qíng passion / fervor / enthusiasm / strong emotion
 rè xīn enthusiasm / zeal / zealous / zest / enthusiastic / ardent / warmhearted
 jī jí xìng zeal / initiative / enthusiasm / activity
 rè chén zeal / enthusiasm / ardor / enthusiastic / warmhearted
 jìn tóu enthusiasm / zeal / vigor / strength
 yì xìng interest / enthusiasm
 jìn strength / energy / enthusiasm / spirit / mood / expression / interest / CL:把[ba3] / Taiwan pr. [jing4]
 rè dù temperature / heat / short-lived enthusiasm
 gàn jìn enthusiasm for doing sth
 jīng shén dǒu sǒu spirit trembling with excitement (idiom) / in high spirits / lively and full of enthusiasm / full of energy / con brio
 pō lěng shuǐ lit. to pour cold water on / fig. to dampen one's enthusiasm
 bá miáo zhù zhǎng to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm (idiom)
 gǎn fèn moved and inspired / fired with enthusiasm
 ye final particle indicating enthusiasm etc
 bei modal particle indicating indicating lack of enthusiasm / modal particle indicating that things should only or can only be done a certain way
 rè qíng yáng yì brimming with enthusiasm (idiom) / full of warmth
 mǎn qiāng rè chén full of enthusiasm
 sān fēn zhōng rè dù brief period of enthusiasm / flash in the pan
 rè chǎo rè mài lit. to sell hot food freshly cooked / fig. to teach what one has just learned / enthusiasm of the new convert
 Yīng yǔ rè English language fan / enthusiasm for English
 xué ér bù yàn , huì rén bù juàn study tirelessly, teach with endless enthusiasm (idiom, from Analects)
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