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 jī qíng passion / fervor / enthusiasm / strong emotion
 rè qíng cordial / enthusiastic / passion / passionate / passionately
 qíng feeling / emotion / passion / situation
 guī qíng women's love / passion (felt by lady)
 dòng qíng to get excited / passionate / aroused to passion / to fall in love / on heat (of animals)
 kù ài to be keen on / to have a passion for
 dú qì poison gas / toxic gas / manifestation of passion, anger etc (Buddhism)
 jiǔ xìng interest in wine / passion for drinking
 Yè Gōng hào lóng lit. Lord Ye's passion for dragons (idiom) / fig. to pretend to be fond of sth while actually fearing it / ostensible fondness of sth one really fears
 bǎi xiāng guǒ passion fruit
 gù obstinate disease / (of passion, hobbies) long-term
 liè huǒ gān chái lit. intense fire to dry wood (idiom) / inferno in a woodpile / fig. consuming passion between lovers
 qíng yǒu dú zhōng to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)
 Bǐ lā duō Pilate (Pontius Pilate in the Biblical passion story)
西 xī fān lián passion flower
 bǎi xiāng passion fruit
西 Kè xī mǎ ní huā yuán Garden of Gethsemane (in the Christian passion story)
 Bā lā bā sī Barabbas (in the Biblical passion story)
 qíng yǒu dú zhōng to have a feeling for sth (affection, sympathy, passion etc)
 qíng shā murder as a crime of passion
 zuì hòu wǎn cān the Last Supper (in the biblical Passion story)
 Zuì hòu de Wǎn cān the Last Supper (in the Christian Passion story)
 gǎn lǎn shān Mount of Olives (in the Christian passion story)
 shuǎ sī qíng the play of passions / carried away by passion (e.g. to commit a crime)
 Bān què Bǐ lā duō Pontius Pilate (in the Biblical passion story)
 jī dàn guǒ passion or egg fruit (Passiflora edulis)
 jī qíng fàn zuì crime of passion
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