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 piāo fú to float / to hover / to drift (also fig., to lead a wandering life) / to rove / showy / superficial
 piāo yì graceful / elegant / to drift / to float
 piāo bó to drift (in the tide) / to rove / to lead a wandering existence / drifter / wanderer
 piāo dàng to drift / to wave / to float on the waves / to flutter in the wind
 piāo dòng to float / to drift
 piāo sàn to waft (through the air) / to drift
 piāo yí to drift
 fú yóu to float / to drift / to wander / variant of 蜉蝣[fu2 you2]
 diān pèi liú lí homeless and miserable (idiom) / to wander about in a desperate plight / to drift
 huá yí to slip / to drift
 piāo to float / to drift
 piāo yí to drift
 piào zǒu to float away / to drift / to be swept off
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