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 jié shù termination / to finish / to end / to conclude / to close
 wán bì to finish / to end / to complete
 gào zhōng to end / to reach an end
 zhōng liǎo to end
 sàn chǎng (of a theater) to empty / (of a show) to end
 mò drowned / to end / to die / to inundate
 jìn to use up / to exhaust / to end / to finish / to the utmost / exhausted / finished / to the limit (of sth) / all / entirely
 mò to end / to die
 què (literary) to end / to stop / one of the stanzas (usually two) of a ci poem 詞|词[ci2] / classifier for songs or ci poems
 mò to end / to die
 kāi jiāo (used with negative) to conclude / (impossible) to end / (can't) finish
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