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 yǐn mán to conceal / to hide (a taboo subject) / to cover up the truth
 yǐn bì to conceal / to hide / covert / under cover
 hēi black / dark / sinister / secret / shady / illegal / to hide (sth) away / to vilify / (loanword) to hack (computing)
 yǐn cáng to hide / to conceal / to mask / to shelter / to harbor (i.e. keep sth hidden) / to hide oneself / to lie low / to nestle / hidden / implicit / private / covert / recessed (lighting)
 duǒ bì to hide / to evade / to dodge / to take shelter / to avoid (difficulties)
 qián fú to hide / to cover up / to conceal
 cáng shēn to hide / to go into hiding / to take refuge
 àn cáng to hide / to conceal
 wò dǐ to hide (as an undercover agent) / an insider (in a gang of thieves) / a mole
 zhē gài to hide / to cover (one's tracks)
 yǐn nì to cover up / to hide / to conceal
 yǐn qù to disappear / to hide
 dùn xíng to vanish / to hide / to cover one's traces
 yǐn fú to hide / to lie low
 yǐn dùn to hide (from the world)
 qián hidden / secret / latent / to hide / to conceal / to submerge / to dive
 fú to lean over / to fall (go down) / to hide (in ambush) / to conceal oneself / to lie low / hottest days of summer / to submit / to concede defeat / to overcome / to subdue / volt
 shì decoration / ornament / to decorate / to adorn / to hide / to conceal (a fault) / excuse (to hide a fault) / to play a role (in opera) / to impersonate
 duǒ to hide / to dodge / to avoid
 zhē to cover up (a shortcoming) / to screen off / to hide / to conceal
 nì to hide
 tāo bow case or scabbard / to hide / military strategy
 yē to tuck (into a pocket) / to hide / to conceal
 cuàn to conceal / to hide
 ài to cover / to hide / to conceal
 kàng (dialect) to hide / to conceal
 xiāo yǐn to hide / to retreat into privacy
 qián yǐng to hide / latent image (in photography)
 cáng zōng to hide
 cáng duǒ to hide / to conceal
 yǐn bì to hide / to conceal and avoid (contact) / to keep sth concealed
 fèi to hide / hideout
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