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 shì pǐn ornament / item of jewelry / accessory
 zhuāng shì pǐn ornament
 pèi shì ornament (jewelry, accoutrements etc) / decorations
 zhuāng shì wù ornament / ornamentation
 huā shì floral decoration / ornament / floral pattern
 pèi shì ornament / pendant
 shì decoration / ornament / to decorate / to adorn / to hide / to conceal (a fault) / excuse (to hide a fault) / to play a role (in opera) / to impersonate
 láng chain / ornament
 shǒu shì jewelry / head ornament
 tú zhuāng painted ornament / livery (on airline or company vehicle)
 yù pèi jade pendant / jade ornament
 tóu shì head ornament
 tóu miàn head ornament (in former times)
 pán tóu to coil hair into a bun / hair worn in bun / turban / hair ornament / to interrogate
 kuàng zi frame (of spectacles, small ornament etc)
 fú (female) head ornament / variant of 彿|佛[fu2]
 zhāng ancient stone ornament
 huáng semicircular jade ornament
 diàn to inlay with gold, silver etc / ancient inlaid ornament shaped as a flower
 mán (of woman's hair) beautiful / flower garland worn as an ornament
縿 shān fringe / ornament of banner
 cōng a headstall, ornament on a bridle
 běng gem ornament of scabbard
 bù yáo dangling ornament worn by women
 gǒng bì a flat round jade ornament with a hole at the center / fig. a treasure
 qǐ type of jade ornament for court dress (old)
 shì jīn kerchief as head ornament
 chī méng a kind of ornament on the roof ridge
 gāi a kind of metal or jade ornament worn in ancient times to ward off evil spirits
 yǐ a kind of metal or jade ornament worn in ancient times to ward off evil spirits
 chéng fine jade / jade ornament
 dāng (literary) pendant ornament / earring / eunuch
 huì jade ornament in the seams of cap
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