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 lù qǔ to accept an applicant (prospective student, employee etc) who passes an entrance exam / to admit (a student) / to hire (a job candidate)
 zū lìn to rent / to lease / to hire
 zhāo shōu to hire / to recruit
 gù yōng to employ / to hire
 zū to hire / to rent / to charter / to rent out / to lease out / rent / land tax
 pìn qǐng to engage / to hire (a lawyer etc)
 zū yòng to lease / to hire / to rent (sth from sb)
 lù yòng to hire (an employee)
 pìn yòng to employ / to hire
 gù yòng to employ / to hire
 yán pìn to hire / to employ / to engage
 gù to employ / to hire / to rent
 pìn to engage (a teacher etc) / to hire / to betroth / betrothal gift / to get married (of woman)
 yōng to hire / to employ / servant / hired laborer / domestic help
 lù laborious / small stone / to record / to tape / to write down / to hire / to employ
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