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 hū shì to neglect / to ignore
 hū lu:è to neglect / to overlook / to ignore
 bù lǐ to refuse to acknowledge / to pay no attention to / to take no notice of / to ignore
 bù wèn to pay no attention to / to disregard / to ignore / to let go unpunished / to let off
 wú shì to ignore / to disregard
 xián qì to avoid sb (out of dislike) / to turn one's back on sb / to ignore
 shì ér bù jiàn to turn a blind eye to / to ignore
 fàng rèn to ignore / to let alone / to indulge
 mò shì to ignore / to neglect / to treat with contempt
 zhì zhī bù lǐ to pay no heed to (idiom) / to ignore / to brush aside
 shú shì wú dǔ to pay no attention to a familiar sight / to ignore
 zhì zhī nǎo hòu to banish from one's thoughts / to ignore / to take no notice
 hū to neglect / to overlook / to ignore / suddenly
 bù yǔ lǐ huì to ignore / to brush off / to dismiss / to pay no attention to
 bù jiā lǐ cǎi without giving due consideration / to ignore / to overlook
 bù qù lǐ not to pay attention to / to leave sth as it is / to ignore
 kàn zhe bù guǎn to stand by and pay no heed / to ignore
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