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 róng huà to melt / to thaw / to dissolve / to blend into / to combine / to fuse
 jiě dòng to melt / to thaw / to defrost / fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc)
 róng huà to melt / to dissolve (of sugar etc)
 xiāo róng to melt (e.g. an icecap)
 róng huà to melt (of ice, metals etc)
 róng róng to melt / to fuse
 jiě to divide / to break up / to split / to separate / to dissolve / to solve / to melt / to remove / to untie / to loosen / to open / to emancipate / to explain / to understand / to know / a solution / a dissection
 róng jiě to melt / molten / fig. to understand thoroughly
 róng duàn (of fuse wire) to melt / to blow
 xiāo to melt (metal) / to cancel or annul / to sell / to spend / to fasten with a bolt / bolt or pin
 shuò bright / to melt / to fuse
 pàn (literary) to melt / to dissolve
 xiāo shuò to melt / to eliminate
 kāi dòng to thaw / to melt
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