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 xiào huà joke / jest / CL:個|个[ge4] / to laugh at / to mock
 fěng cì to satirize / to mock / irony / satire / sarcasm
 tiáo kǎn to ridicule / to tease / to mock / idle talk / chitchat
 jī fěng to satirize / to ridicule / to mock
 yé yú to mock / to ridicule
 jiàn xiào to mock / to be ridiculed / to incur ridicule through one's poor performance (humble)
 shàn xiào to ridicule / to mock
 jī qiào to deride / to mock
 biǎn sǔn to mock / to disparage / to belittle
 jī cì to ridicule / to mock
 fěng to satirize / to mock / to recite / Taiwan pr. [feng4]
 cháo to ridicule / to mock
 xuè joy / to joke / to banter / to tease / to mock / Taiwan pr. [nu:e4]
 shàn to mock / to ridicule / to slander
 wǔ nòng to mock / to bully and insult
 chǐ mà to abuse / to mock
 jǐ duì (coll.) to mock / to bully / to force (a concession out of sb)
 tiáo xuè to make fun of / to mock
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