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 tí gōng to offer / to supply / to provide / to furnish
 pěng to clasp / to cup the hands / to hold up with both hands / to offer (esp. in cupped hands) / to praise / to flatter
 gōng yìng to supply / to provide / to offer
 kāi shè to offer (goods or services) / to open (for business etc)
 juān zhù to donate / to offer (aid) / contribution / donation
 fèng shàng to offer
 xiàn chū to offer / to give (as tribute) / to devote (one's life) / to sacrifice (oneself)
 xiàn to offer / to present / to dedicate / to donate / to show / to put on display / worthy person (old)
 jìng to respect / to venerate / to salute / to offer
 fèng to offer (tribute) / to present respectfully (to superior, ancestor, deity etc) / to esteem / to revere / to believe in (a religion) / to wait upon / to accept orders (from superior)
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