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 gòng xiàn to contribute / to dedicate / to devote / contribution / CL:個|个[ge4]
 gōng láo contribution / meritorious service / credit
 juān to contribute / to donate / contribution / tax / to abandon
 juān kuǎn to donate money / to contribute funds / donation / contribution (of money)
 juān zhù to donate / to offer (aid) / contribution / donation
 juān xiàn to donate / to contribute / donation / contribution
 gōng jì feat / contribution / merits and achievements
 jiàn shù to make a contribution / to establish / to found / contribution
 xiàn jīn to donate money / (monetary) contribution
 gōng xiàn a contribution
 hàn mǎ gōng láo war exploits / (fig.) heroic contribution
 mián bó my humble effort / my meager contribution (humble)
 lǐ lùn gòng xiàn theoretical contribution
 tā jīng jì "she-economy" reflecting women's economic contribution / euphemism for prostitution-based economy
 zhòng dà gòng xiàn important contribution / major role
 yǎ jiào (hon.) your distinguished thoughts / Thank you (for your esteemed contribution to our discussion).
  Statement on Women's Contribution to a Culture of Peace
  matching contribution
 fēi zhuān yòng juān kuǎn unearmarked contribution
 zhuī jiā jiǎo fèi catch-up contribution
  defined contribution pension plan / defined contribution plan
 zhuān yòng juān kuǎn earmarked contribution
 ōu zhōu gòng tòng tǐ juān zhù xié dìng European Community Contribution Agreement
  Trust Fund for Interest on the Japanese Contribution to the United Nations Special Account
 zhèng fǔ juān kuǎn government contribution
 zì yuàn juān zhù voluntary contribution
 jī piào tuán jié shuì air-ticket solidarity contribution / air-ticket solidarity levy
  contribution towards local costs
  outstanding contribution
  Trust Fund for Special Netherlands Contribution for the Least Developed Countries
  government cash counterpart contribution
 rèn juān kuǎn é contribution pledged
  Trust Fund for Interest on the Contribution to the United Nations Special Account
  non-budgeted contribution
  Expert Group Meeting on Women's Contribution to a Culture of Peace
 zì yuàn shí wù juān zhù voluntary contribution in kind / voluntary contribution-in-kind
Sumbe石  Trust Fund for the Norwegian Contribution to the Angolan Petroleum Training Centre in Sumbe
  cost-sharing contribution
 gǔn dòng juān kuǎn rolling contribution
  The Contribution by Religion to the Culture of Peace
 míng yì jiǎo fèi què dìng xíng zhàng hù notional defined contribution account / notional account
 zhèng zhì juān xiàn political contribution
 zhèng zhì xiàn jīn political contribution
  outstanding contribution
  contribution factor
  contribution agreement
  voluntary contribution in cash
  social contribution
  financial defined contribution
  non-financial defined contribution
  special contribution
  employer contribution
  employee contribution
  Working Group on Industrial Contribution to Rural Development
  specific contribution
  trust fund contribution
  Trust Fund for the Government of Sweden's Contribution to the Decade of Disabled Persons
  pilot study on broad banding / reward for contribution
  niche contribution
  contribution in cash
  unpaid contribution
  actual contribution percentage test
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