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 zhuī qiú to pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly / to seek after / to woo
 zhuī zōng to follow a trail / to trace / to pursue
 zhuī xún to pursue / to track down / to search
 zhuī gǎn to pursue / to chase after / to accelerate / to catch up with / to overtake
 zhuī pěng to chase after (a popular person or item) / to pursue / popularity
 zhuī bǔ to pursue / to be after / to hunt down
 fèng xíng to pursue (a course, a policy)
 tàn qiú to seek / to pursue / to investigate
 zhuī suǒ to demand payment / to extort / to trace / to seek / to pursue / to explore
 jìng zhú competition / to compete / to pursue
 zhuī jī to pursue / to be after / to hunt down (the perpetrator of a crime, an escaped prisoner etc)
 tú diagram / picture / drawing / chart / map / CL:張|张[zhang1] / to plan / to scheme / to attempt / to pursue / to seek
 zhú to pursue / to chase / individually / one by one
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