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 huī fù to reinstate / to resume / to restore / to recover / to regain / to rehabilitate
 huí shōu to recycle / to reclaim / to retrieve / to recover / to recall (a defective product)
 huí fù to reply / to recover / to return (to a previous condition) / Re: in reply to (email)
 huí fù to reply / to recover / variant of 回復|回复[hui2 fu4]
 kāng fù to recuperate / to recover (health) / to convalesce
 fù sū variant of 復甦|复苏[fu4 su1] / to recover (health, economic) / to resuscitate / anabiosis
 chū huò to take money or valuables out of storage / to recover / to ship goods / to extract (chemicals from solution)
 shōu jiǎo to recover (illegally obtained property) / to seize / to capture / to force sb to hand over sth / to levy
 zhuī huí to recover (sth lost or stolen) / to get back
 shōu fù to recover (lost territory etc) / to recapture
 xiū yǎng to recuperate / to recover / to convalesce
 fù shēng to be reborn / to recover / to come back to life / to regenerate
 guāng fù to recover (territory or power) / the liberation of Taiwan from Japanese rule in 1945
 chóng huò recovery / to recover
 zhuī jiǎo to recover (stolen property) / to pursue and force sb to give back the spoils
 xiū yǎng shēng xī to recover / to recuperate
 bìng yù to recover (from an illness)
 tǎo huán to ask for sth back / to recover
 huī to restore / to recover / great
 quán to recover (from illness)
 chōu to convalesce / to recover / to heal
 zhuī huán to recover (lost property or money) / to win back
 xún huò to find / to track down / to recover (sth lost)
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