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 yǎn hù to screen / to shield / to cover / protection / cover / CL:面[mian4]
 shàng yǎn to screen (a movie) / to stage (a play) / a screening / a staging
 shàng yìng to show (a movie) / to screen
 píng bì to screen / to block (sth or sb) / to shield / (protective) shield
 fàng yìng to show (a movie) / to screen
 shěn dìng to examine sth and make a decision / to screen / to evaluate / to approve
 zhēn bié to screen / to discriminate / to reexamine a case / screening (of applicants etc)
 bì to cover / to shield / to screen / to conceal
 yì feather screen / to screen / to shade / cataract
 zhēn bié kǎo shì to screen / to grade by examination / screening / placement test
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