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 zhǎng wò to grasp (often fig.) / to control / to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny) / to master / to know well / to understand sth well and know how to use it / fluency
 bǎ wò to grasp (also fig.) / to seize / to hold / assurance / certainty / sure (of the outcome)
 bǔ zhuō to catch / to seize / to capture
 ná to hold / to seize / to catch / to apprehend / to take / (used in the same way as 把[ba3]: to mark the following noun as a direct object)
 ná xià to arrest / to capture / to seize / to win (a set, a game etc)
 duó dé to take (after a struggle) / to wrest / to seize / to capture / to win (a trophy)
 mò shōu to confiscate / to seize
 duó qǔ to seize / to capture / to wrest control of
 qiǎng zhàn to seize (the strategic high ground)
 bǔ huò to catch / to capture / to seize
 zhuā qǔ to seize
 qiè qǔ to steal / to seize
 shōu jiǎo to recover (illegally obtained property) / to seize / to capture / to force sb to hand over sth / to levy
 chá fēng to sequester / to seize (assets) / to seal up / to close down
 zhuā bǔ to seize / to capture
 jiǎo huò to capture / to seize
 bà zhàn to occupy by force / to seize / to dominate
 xié chí to seize
 qín huò to apprehend / to capture / to seize
 pán jù to occupy illegally / to seize (territory) / to entrench (oneself)
 jī ná to arrest / to seize
 jǐ zhàn to seize / to push aside and occupy
 chá kòu to seize / to confiscate
 duó kuí to seize / to win
 jī bǔ to seize / to apprehend / an arrest
 cuàn duó to usurp / to seize
 jù according to / to act in accordance with / to depend on / to seize / to occupy
 duó to seize / to take away forcibly / to wrest control of / to compete or strive for / to force one's way through / to leave out / to lose
 bǔ to catch / to seize / to capture
 bá to pull up / to pull out / to draw out by suction / to select / to pick / to stand out (above level) / to surpass / to seize
 jiǎo to hand in / to hand over / to seize
 dǎi (coll.) to catch / to seize
 dài (literary) to arrest / to seize / to overtake / until
 bó to fight / to combat / to seize / (of heart) to beat
 lǎn to monopolize / to seize / to take into one's arms / to embrace / to fasten (with a rope etc) / to take on (responsibility etc) / to canvass
 jiū to seize / to clutch / to grab firmly and pull
 jī to seize / to arrest / Taiwan pr. [qi4]
 rǎng to push up one's sleeves / to reject or resist / to seize / to perturb / to steal
 lǔ to capture / to seize
 jué to seize / to snatch / to grab
 qiān to seize / to pull / to hold up the hem of clothes
 zuó to seize / Taiwan pr. [zu2]
 rǎng duó to seize
 jué duó to seize / to pillage / to plunder
 cuàn qiè to usurp / to seize
 zhuō bǔ to arrest / to seize / to capture
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