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 zhuó shǒu to put one's hand to it / to start out on a task / to set out
 qǐ bù to set out / to set in motion / the start (of some activity)
 bǎi shè to arrange / to set out / to decorate / to display / decorative items
 chū mǎ to set out (on a campaign) / to stand for election / to throw one's cap in the ring
 jìn fā to set out / to start
 chén shè to display / to set out / furnishings
 qǐ chéng to set out / to leave
 qǐ to rise / to raise / to get up / to set out / to start / to appear / to launch / to initiate (action) / to draft / to establish / to get (from a depot or counter) / verb suffix, to start / starting from (a time, place, price etc) / classifier for occurrences or unpredictable events: case, instance / classifier for groups: batch, group
 chū háng to set out (on a trip)
 kāi bá to set out (of troops) / departure / start date (of military expedition)
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