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 bō fàng to broadcast / to transmit
 chuán dá to pass on / to convey / to relay / to transmit / transmission
 zhuǎn gào to pass on / to communicate / to transmit
 fā sòng to transmit / to dispatch / to issue (an official document or credential)
 chuán shū to transmit / transmission
 chuán dì to transmit / to pass on to sb else / (math.) transitive
 zhuǎn fā to transmit / to forward (mail, SMS, packets of data) / to pass on / to republish (an article from another publication)
 chuán gei to pass on (to sb) / to send / to pass (e.g. in football) / to give directly (by hand) / to deliver / to hand over / to transfer / to relay / to transmit / to hand on (to the next generation)
 jì sòng to send / to transmit
 bō yīn to transmit / to broadcast
 tòu shè to transmit / transmission (of radiation through a medium) / passage
 bō sòng to broadcast / to transmit / to beam
 chuán to pass on / to spread / to transmit / to infect / to transfer / to circulate / to conduct (electricity)
 dǎo to transmit / to lead / to guide / to conduct / to direct
 chuán zǎi to reprint / to repost / to transmit (in writing etc)
 yún to summon / to propagate / to transmit
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