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 shōu liǎn to dwindle / to vanish / to make vanish / to exercise restraint / to curb (one's mirth, arrogance etc) / to astringe / (math.) to converge
 huàn miè (of dreams, hopes etc) to vanish / to evaporate / (of a person) to become disillusioned / disillusionment
 jué jì to be eradicated / to vanish / extinct / to break off relations
 huà wéi wū yǒu to go up in smoke / to vanish
退 yǐn tuì to retire (from society, esp. from politics) / to vanish
 dùn xíng to vanish / to hide / to cover one's traces
 bīng shì to dispel (enmity, misunderstandings etc) / to vanish (of misgivings, differences of opinion) / thaw (in relations)
 xiāo to disappear / to vanish / to eliminate / to spend (time) / have to / need
 mǐn to vanish / to die out / to obliterate
 huàn rán bīng shì to melt away (idiom) / to dissipate / to vanish
 yǐn miè to fade away / to vanish / to disappear
 méi yǐng to vanish / to be nowhere to be found / unfounded (story)
 rén jiān zhēng fā to vanish / to disappear from the face of the earth
 mǐn mò to sink into oblivion / to be lost to memory / to vanish
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