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 shòu bù liǎo unbearable / unable to endure / can't stand
 gòu qiàng unbearable / terrible / enough / unlikely
 nán yǐ rěn shòu hard to endure / unbearable
 bù kān rěn shòu unbearable
 shāng bù qǐ (slang) it's just the pits! / so unfair! / unbearable
 kě chǔn (dialect) unbearable / embarrassing
 bù kān rù mù unbearable to look at / an eyesore
 zuān xīn to sneak in / to infiltrate / to be piercingly painful / to be unbearable (of pain, itch etc)
 chòu bù kě wén unbearable stink / fig. notorious
 qì bu guò so angry it's unbearable / bitter about unbearable grievances
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