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 zǒu zài walking (on sth)
 qiè dié walking / in motion
 mèng yóu sleep walking / fig. dream voyage
 guǎi zhàng crutches / crutch / walking stick
 bù dào walking path / pathway
 dú bù lit. walking alone / prominent / unrivalled / outstanding
 dēng huì carnival during the Lantern Festival, with lantern displays and traditional folk performances such as stilt walking and lion dance
 xíng shī zǒu ròu walking corpse (idiom) / zombie / person who lives only on the material level
 rú lu:3 bó bīng lit. as if walking on thin ice (idiom) / fig. to be extremely cautious / to be skating on thin ice
 jìng zǒu walking race (athletics event)
 bù lu:3 wéi jiān to have difficulty walking (idiom) / to walk with difficulty
 gāo qiāo stilts / walking on stilts as component of folk dance
 guǎi gùn cane / walking stick
 mèng yóu zhèng somnambulism / sleep walking
 huó zì diǎn walking dictionary / well-informed person
 guǎi to turn (a corner etc) / to kidnap / to swindle / to misappropriate / walking stick / crutch / seven (used as a substitute for 七[qi1])
 zhàng a staff / a rod / cane / walking stick / to flog with a stick (old)
 yī zǒu liǎo zhī to avoid a problem by walking away from it / to quit
 biāo walking to and fro
 bù lí walking plow
 chì hasty walking
 mèng xíng zhèng somnambulism / sleep walking
 lu:3 xiǎn rú yí lit. to make one's way through a dangerous pass as if walking on level ground (idiom) / fig. to handle a crisis effortlessly
 zǒu suǒ tightrope walking
 zǒu shéng tightrope walking
  walking pneumonia
 Lǐ Tiě guǎi Iron-Crutch Li, one of the Eight Immortals 八仙[Ba1 xian1] in Chinese mythology, walking around with an iron crutch and carrying a gourd with special medicine
 xíng bǎn andante / at a walking pace
 kuǎn duàn (literary) pony / (of a horse) walking leisurely
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