chū xí


  • to attend
  • to participate
  • present


  • 谁也没有出席派对。
    Nobody came to the party.
  • 我们没有必要出席这个讲座。
    It is not necessary for us to attend this lecture.
  • 这位朋友没有出席
    The friend was absent.
  • 只有六人出席了会议。
    There were only six people at the meeting.
  • 许多国家的代表出席了会议。
    Delegates from many countries participated in the conference.
  • 仅三分之一的成员出席了会议。
    Only one third of the members turned up at the meeting.
  • 他代表我们公司出席了会议。
    He attended the meeting as the company representative.
  • 出席的学生不下五百人。
    No fewer than five hundred students were present.
  • 许多男生和女生都出席了。
    Many boys and girls were present.
  • 你和我其中一个要出席这次的会议。
    Either you or I must attend the meeting.
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