tóng yàng


  • same
  • equal
  • equivalent



  • 请给我同样的东西。
    Give me the same, please.
  • 她又犯了同样的错误了。
    She made the same mistake again.
  • 你每次都继续犯同样的错误。
    You continue making the same mistakes time after time.
  • 她犯了和以前同样的错误。
    She made the same mistake as before.
  • 不久,同样的服务员回来拿起菜。
    Soon the same waiter came back to pick up the dishes.
  • 很有可能去掉C元素会得出同样的结果。
    It is highly probable that the deletion of element C will still yield the same result.
  • 我也想要和你身上那件同样的外套。
    I want the same jacket as you are wearing.
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