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Pinyin yi1
Kanji /
Sijiao 1000.0
Level 1
 yī one / 1 / single / a (article) / as soon as / entire / whole / all / throughout / "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) / also pr. [yao1] for greater clarity when spelling out numbers digit by digit
Results beginning with 一
 yī xiē some / a few / a little / (following an adjective) slightly ...er
 yī xià (used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
 yī bān same / ordinary / so-so / common / general / generally / in general
 yī yàng same / like / equal to / the same as / just like
 yī zhí straight (in a straight line) / continuously / always / from the beginning of ... up to ... / all along
 yī cì first / first time / once / (math.) linear (of degree one)
 yī zhǒng one kind of / one type of
 yī qǐ in the same place / together / with / altogether (in total)
 yī diǎn a bit / a little / one dot / one point
 yī dìng surely / certainly / necessarily / fixed / a certain (extent etc) / given / particular / must
 yī qiè everything / every / all
 yī shēng first tone in Mandarin (high level tone)
 yī tiān one day
 yī biān one side / either side / on the one hand / on the other hand / doing while
 yī piàn piece / slice
 yī zhāng sheet
 yī jiā the whole family / the same family / the family ... (when preceded by a family name) / group
 yī zhèn a burst / a fit / a peal / a spell (period of time)
 yī yǎn a glance / a quick look / a glimpse
 yī shēng all one's life / throughout one's life
 yī dàn in case (sth happens) / if / once (sth happens, then...) / when / in a short time / in one day
 yī jù a line of verse / a sentence
 yī tào suit / a set / a collection / of the same kind / the same old stuff / set pattern of behavior
 yī kuài one block / one piece / one (unit of money) / together / in the same place / in company
 yī dào together
 yí xiàng an item / a thing
 yī bù (single) step
 yī shí a period of time / a while / for a short while / temporary / momentary / at the same time
 yī miàn one side / one aspect / simultaneously... (and...) / one's whole face
 yī gǔ packet
 yī lù the whole journey / all the way / going the same way / going in the same direction / of the same kind
 yī zhì unanimous / identical (views or opinions)
 yī bàn half
 yī jí first class / category A
 yī tǐ an integral whole / all concerned / everybody
 yī shēn whole body / from head to toe / single person / a suit of clothes
 yī kǒu readily / flatly (deny, admit and so on) / a mouthful / a bite
 yī duì couple / pair
 yī zhōu one week / all the way around / a whole cycle
 yī liú top quality / front ranking
 yī huì a moment / a while / in a moment / also pr. [yi1 hui3]
 yī biàn one time (all the way through) / once through
 yī qún gang / regiment
 yī céng layer
 yī xiàng always (previously) / a period of time in the recent past
 yī fāng a party (in a contract or legal case) / one side / area / region
 yī tóu one head / a head full of sth / one end (of a stick) / one side / headlong / directly / rapidly / simultaneously
 yī yī one by one / one after another
 yī dài generation
 yī shǒu a skill / mastery of a trade / by oneself / without outside help
 yī lu:4 same / uniformly / all / without exception
 yī lái on one hand,...
线 yī xiàn front line
 yī xíng party / delegation
 yì piān one-sided
 yī tóng along / together
 yī dù for a time / at one time / one time / once
 yī zú social group / subculture / family / clan / see also 族[zu2]
 yī duī pile
 yī tuán regiment
 Yī yuè January / first month (of the lunar year)
 yī guàn consistent / constant / from start to finish / all along / persistent
 yī bǎi a hundred
 yī dài region / district
 yī páng aside / to the side of
 yī gòng altogether
 yī lèi same type / category 1 (i.e. class A)
 yī hào first day of the month / toilet / (slang) top (in a homosexual relationship)
 yī shuō an expression of opinion / according to some
 yī zài repeatedly
 yī jǔ a move / an action / in one move / at a stroke / in one go
 yī xīn wholeheartedly / heart and soul
 yī wàn ten thousand
 yī lǎn an overview / at a glance
 yī qí at the same time / simultaneously
 yī zì in a row / in a line
 yī wèi blindly / invariably
 yī pái row
 yī lún first round or stage (of a match, election, talks, planned policy etc)
 yī zǎo early in the morning / at dawn
 yī qiān one thousand
 yī yán one sentence / brief remark
 yī shì generation / period of 30 years / one's whole lifetime / lifelong / age / era / times / the whole world / the First (of numbered European kings)
 yī èr one or two / a few
 yī zé on the one hand
 yī bìng to lump together / to treat along with all the others
 yī chuàn strand
 yī wǎn bowl
 yī rú to be just like
 yī yuán single variable (math.) / univariate
 yī lián in a row / in succession / running
 yī shěn first instance (law)
 yī duì packet
 yī tòng one time / once
 yī huǎng (of passing time) in an instant / (of a sight) in a flash
 yī děng first class / grade A
 yī qì at one go / at a stretch / for a period of time / forming a gang
 yī shùn one instant / very short time / the twinkle of an eye
 yī pǐn superb / first-rate / (of officials in imperial times) the highest rank
 yī piē glance / glimpse
亿 yī yì 1 00 million
 yī gài all / without any exceptions / categorically
 yī tǒng to unify / unified
 yī bān lit. one spot (on the leopard) / fig. one small item in a big scheme
 yī dá dozen
 yī jú inning
 yī dǔ to look / to have a glimpse at / to observe (sth's splendor)
 yī chuī puff
 yī yīng all / every
 yī yì focus / with complete devotion / stubbornly
 yī shà in a flash
 yī zhǔn certainly
 yī fú dose
 yī bì one side / at the same time
 yī bìng variant of 一併|一并, to lump together / to treat along with all the others
 yī chí spoonful
 yí dàn if / in case / in a short time / once
 yī dǎng one-party (state)
 yī gè a / an
 yī gēng first of the five night watch periods 19:00-21:00 (old)
 yī jià monovalent (chemistry)
 yī jiǎ 1st rank or top three candidates who passed the imperial examination (i.e. 狀元|状元[zhuang4 yuan2], 榜眼[bang3 yan3], and 探花[tan4 hua1], respectively)
 yī jìng directly / straightaway / straight
 yī kōng leaving none left / (sold etc) out
 yī kǔn load
 yī mì first secretary
 yī qiāng full of (zeal, anger etc)
 yī wéi one-dimensional (math.)
 yī xī overnight / instantly / very quickly
 yī zǒng altogether / in all
 yī dìng yào must
 yī bù fèn portion / part of / subset
 yī jù huà in a word / in short
 yī xì liè a series of / a string of
 yī huì r a moment / a while / in a moment / now...now... / also pr. [yi1 hui3 r5]
 yī xià zi in a short while / all at once / all of a sudden
 yī kǒu qì one breath / in one breath / at a stretch
 yī fāng miàn on the one hand
 yī bèi zi (for) a lifetime
 yī shí jiān for a moment / momentarily
 yī cì xìng one-off (offer) / one-time / single-use / disposable (goods)
 yī shùn jiān split second
 yī tǐ huà integration / incorporation / unification
 yī bān rén average person
 yī xiǎo shí one hour
 yī děng jiǎng first prize
 yī zhèn zi a while / a spell / a short time / a burst
 yī huí shì one thing / the same as
 yī lián chuàn a succession of / a series of
 yī nián duō more than a year
 dì yī first / number one / primary
 zhī yī one of (sth) / one out of a multitude / one (third, quarter, percent etc)
 tǒng yī to unify / to unite / to integrate
 lìng yī another / the other
 wéi yī only / sole
 tóng yī identical / the same
 měi yī every
 shí yī eleven / 11
 wǔ yī 5-1 (May 1st)
 wàn yī just in case / if by any chance / contingency
 dān yī single / only / sole
 Zhōu yī Monday
 wéi yī only / sole / variant of 唯一[wei2 yi1]
 bù yī to vary / to differ
 dà yī first-year university student
 qí yī one of the given (options etc) / the first / firstly
 hé yī to unite
 chū yī first day of lunar month / New Year's Day / first year in junior middle school
 bā yī Bayi
 zhú yī one by one
 zhuān yī single-minded / concentrated
 dú yī only / unique
 fēng yī front cover
 gāng yī to be just about to / to have just started to
 huà yī uniform / to standardize
 hùn yī to amalgamate / to mix together as one
 jūn yī even / uniform / homogeneous
 ǒu yī accidentally / once in a while / very occasionally
 qí yī uniform
 tóu yī the first
Y一 Yyī dài Generation Y
·  first of October / PRC National day / same as 國慶|国庆[guo2 qing4]
 jìn yī bù one step further / to move forward a step / further onwards
 xià yī yè next page
 shàng yī yè preceding page
 yǒu yī xiē somewhat / rather / some
 dì yī zhāng chapter one
 bù yī dìng not necessarily / maybe
 xià yī ge the next one
 Xīng qī yī Monday
 yǒu yī cì once / once upon a time
 yòu yī cì yet again / once again / once more
 èr shí yī twenty-one
 xīn yī dài new generation
 lìng yī zhǒng another kind
 xià yī bù the next step
 shàng yī ge previous one
 dì yī bù step one / first step
 dì shí yī eleventh
 Shí yī yuè November / eleventh month (of the lunar year)
 kàn yī kàn to have a look
 nǎ yī ge which
 xià yī dài the next generation
 lìng yī bàn other half / fig. spouse / one's better half
 děng yī xià to wait a moment / later / in awhile
 qián yī tiān the day before (an event)
 chà yī diǎn see 差點|差点[cha4 dian3]
 bù yī huì soon
 dì yī shǒu first-hand
 shì yī shì to have a try
 yǒu yī tào to have a skill / to be savvy / to know how to do sth
 dì yī lún first round (of match, or election)
 dì yī dài first generation
线 dì yī xiàn first line / front line
 qīng yī sè monotone / only one ingredient / (mahjong) all in the same suit
 sān hé yī three in one / triple
 dà yī xiē a bit bigger
 xià yī tiào startled / to frighten / scared out of one's skin
 lǎo yī bèi previous generation / older generation
 dì yī céng layer one / layer 1
 děng yī děng wait a moment
 shí yī nián eleven years
 děng yī huì Wait a moment! / after a while
 tóu yī huí the first time / for the first time
 èr hé yī 2-in-1 / two-in-one
 tǒng yī xìng unity
 yǒu yī shǒu to have a skill / to have a lot on the ball / to have an affair
 dà yī tǒng unification (of the nation) / large scale unification
 tǒng yī tǐ whole / single entity
 dì yī pào (fig.) opening shot
 Wén Yī duō Wen Yiduo (1899-1946), poet and patriotic fighter, executed by Guomindang in Kunming
 lòu yī shǒu to show off one's abilities / to exhibit one's skills
 lǎo yī tào the same old stuff
 lāo yī bǎ to profiteer / to gain some underhand advantage
 Lǐ bài yī Monday
 liú yī shǒu to hold back a trick / not to divulge all one's trade secrets
 Bó Yī bō Bo Yibo (1908-2007), ranking PRC politician, served on State Council from 1950s to 1980s as colleague of Deng Xiaoping
 bā yī wǔ 15th August / refers to Japanese surrender in WWII on 15th August 1945
 běn zhōu yī this Monday
 bǐ yi bǐ to make a comparison / to engage in a contest
 bù yī yàng different / distinctive / unlike
 cì yī gè next one (in order)
 dān yī mǎ Unicode / also written 統一碼|统一码
 dì yī cì the first time / first / number one
 dì yī jí first level
 dì yī lì first case / first instance / first time (sth is done)
 dì yī liú first-class
 dì yī shēng first tone in Mandarin / high level tone
 dì yī yǎn at first glance / at first sight
 fàng yī mǎ to let (sb) off / to let (sb) get away with sth
 fēn zhī yī (indicating fraction)
 fù biǎo yī Schedule I
 huǒ wèi yī Phobos (moon of Mars), aka Mars I
 jìng yī jìng to put sth to rest / calm down a bit!
 jìn yī xià dip
 Luó Yī xiù Luo Yixiu (1889-1910), Mao Zedong's first wife
 měng yī kàn at first glance / first impression
 miáo yī yǎn to shoot a glance at
 mù wèi yī Io (moon of Jupiter), aka Jupiter I
 qián yī xiàng lately / in the recent past
 rào yī quān to go around one time / to do a circuit
 rèn yī ge any one of (a list of possibilities)
 shàng yī hào (coll.) to go pee / to go to the bathroom
 shí yī lù (coll.) going on foot
 shí · yī first of October / PRC National Day / same as 國慶|国庆[Guo2 qing4]
· shí · yī first of October / PRC National Day / same as 國慶|国庆[Guo2 qing4]
 Shuāng Shí yī see 光棍節|光棍节[Guang1 gun4 jie2]
 sì yī èr 12th April / refers to Chiang Kai-shek's coup of 12th April 1927 against the communists in Shanghai
 tóng yī guà (coll.) to have a lot in common (with sb) / to get along well with each other
 tǒng yī mǎ Unicode
 wéi yī fāng of the one part
 wéi yī xìng uniqueness
 wǔ dǎ yī to masturbate (slang)
 xiāo yī shān Xiao Yishan (1902-1978), Modern historian of the Qing dynasty
 Xiāo Yī shān Xiao Yishan (1902-1978), Modern historian of the Qing dynasty
 xià yī cì next
 xià yī zhàn the next stop (of a bus etc)
 yǒu yī tuǐ (coll.) to have an affair
 zài yī cì again
 zài yī qǐ together
 Zhōu Yī yuè York Chow or Chow Yat-ngok (1947-), Hong Kong doctor and politician, Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food since 2004
 zhuàn yī tàng to go on a trip
WTO一  WTO-consistent
 lìng yī fāng miàn on the other hand / another aspect
 dì yī shí jiān in the first moments (of sth happening) / immediately (after an event) / first thing
 dà chī yī jīng to have a surprise (idiom) / shocked or startled / gobsmacked
 tiān xià dì yī first under heaven / number one in the country
 sān fēn zhī yī one third
 dú yī wú èr unique and unmatched (idiom) / unrivalled / nothing compares with it
 dì yī jì dù first quarter (of financial year)
 bù gù yī qiè reckless / regardless of everything
 shì jiè dì yī ranked number one in the world / the world's first
 Er4 shí yī Tiáo the Japanese Twenty-One Demands of 1915
 ěr mù yī xīn a pleasant change / a breath of fresh air / refreshing
 bù xiè yī gù to disdain as beneath contempt (idiom)
 jù zài yī qǐ to get together
 gào yī duàn luò to come to the end of a phase (idiom)
 yǎn yǎn yī xī dying / at one's last gasp
 yǒu zhāo yī rì one day / sometime in the future
 bù kě yī shì to consider oneself unexcelled in the world / to be insufferably arrogant
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