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 bù fen part / share / section / piece / CL:個|个[ge4]
 kuài lump (of earth) / chunk / piece / classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc / (coll.) classifier for money and currency units
 yī piàn piece / slice
 duàn piàn fragment / piece / (of a film) to break in the middle of viewing
 bàn petal / segment / clove (of garlic) / piece / section / fragment / valve / lamella / classifier for pieces, segments etc
 miàn jī area (of a floor, piece of land etc) / surface area / tract of land
 yī kuài one block / one piece / one (unit of money) / together / in the same place / in company
稿 gǎo jiàn piece of writing submitted for publication / manuscript / article
 bù fen part (of a whole) / piece / section / share / shell (Unix)
 piàn zi thin flake / small piece
 qǔ mù repertoire / program / song / piece of music
 yì shù pǐn art piece / work of art / CL:件[jian4]
 zhàn dì miàn ji floor area / occupied area / footprint (of a building, piece of equipment etc)
 qiāng shǒu gunman / sharpshooter / sb who takes an exam for sb else / sb who produces a piece of work for sb else to pass off as their own
 zhāi xià to take off / to remove (one's hat, a door from its hinges etc) / to pick (a piece of fruit from a tree etc) / (sports) to pick off (a rebound etc)
 qí zǐ chess piece / CL:個|个[ge4],顆|颗[ke1]
 jiā zuò masterpiece / fine piece of writing
 xiǎo cài appetizer / small side dish / easy job / piece of cake / see also 小菜一碟[xiao3 cai4 yi1 die2]
 piān fu length (of a piece of writing) / space occupied on a printed page
 Hǎi zéi wáng One Piece (manga and anime)
 míng qǔ famous song / well-known piece of music
 pǐn xiàng condition / physical appearance (of a museum piece, item of food produced by a chef, postage stamp etc)
 xìn hán letter / piece of correspondence (incl. email)
 jiā jī pincer attack / attack from two or more sides / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
 cáng pǐn museum piece / collector's item / precious object
 dà yì righteousness / virtuous cause / a woman's marriage / main points of a piece of writing
 pǔ xiě to compose (a piece of music) / (fig.) to create, by one's actions, a narrative (generally one that can be recounted with pride)
  opinion piece
 zhǐ piàn a piece, scrap or fragment of paper
 shùn kǒu liū popular piece of doggerel / common phrase repeated as a jingle
稿 gǎo chóu fee paid to an author for a piece of writing
 pī gǎi to mark (homework, exam scripts etc) / to correct and criticize (an article) / to check / to correct / a correction (to a piece of writing)
 tiē shì (loanword) tip / hint / suggestion / piece of advice
 míng piān famous piece of writing
 rè tǔ homeland / hot piece of real estate
 jiā gōng attack from two sides / pincer movement / converging attack / attack on a flank / fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
 rùn sè to polish (a piece of writing) / to add a few finishing touches to (a piece of writing, painting etc)
 tǐ tǒng decorum / propriety / arrangement or form (of piece of writing)
 jì jiàn gōng zī piece rate wage / remuneration based on one's output / opposite: time rate wage 計時工資|计时工资[ji4 shi2 gong1 zi1]
 pǔ qǔ to compose a piece of music
 yí jī to relocate a piece of equipment (air conditioner etc)
 mù piàn flat piece of wood / wood chip / CL:塊|块[kuai4],片[pian4]
 xiàn bǎo to present a treasure / to offer a valuable piece of advice / to show off what one treasures
 yī zhǐ kōng wén a worthless piece of paper (idiom)
 diǎn rǎn to touch up (a piece of writing) / to add details (to a painting)
 mǎ horse / CL:匹[pi3] / horse or cavalry piece in Chinese chess / knight in Western chess
 lián piān lěi dú (of a piece of writing) long and tedious (idiom) / verbose
 wén qì the impact of a piece of writing on the reader / gentle / refined
 pīn cuò to misspell / to piece together incorrectly
 niǎo qiāng flintlock musket / fowling piece (shotgun) / air gun
 piàn thin piece / flake / a slice / film / TV play / to slice / to carve thin / partial / incomplete / one-sided / classifier for slices, tablets, tract of land, area of water / classifier for CDs, movies, DVDs etc / used with numeral 一[yi1]: classifier for scenario, scene, feeling, atmosphere, sound etc
 kuāi lump (of earth) / chunk / piece / classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc / colloquial word for yuan (or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar etc), usually as 塊錢|块钱
 piān sheet / piece of writing / bound set of bamboo slips used for record keeping (old) / classifier for written items: chapter, article
 pīn to piece together / to join together / to stake all / adventurous / at the risk of one's life / to spell
 zhá thin piece of wood used a writing tablet (in ancient China) / a kind of official document (in former times) / letter / note / plague
 qiān short slender pointed piece of metal, bamboo etc / skewer / prod used to extract samples from sacks of grain etc / (dialect) to stick in / to bolt (a door) / to arrange (flowers in a vase) / to graft (tree) / to pedicure / to peel (an apple etc)
 hū big piece of meat / dried meat
 yī zì qiān jīn one word worth a thousand in gold (idiom) / (in praise of a piece of writing or calligraphy) each character is perfect / each word is highly valued
 jì shí gōng zī time rate wage / remuneration based on one's time and skill / opposite: piece rate wage 計件工資|计件工资[ji4 jian4 gong1 zi1]
 gāng jǔ mù zhāng if you lift the headrope the meshes spread open (idiom) / take care of the big things and the little things will take care of themselves / (of a piece of writing) well-structured and ordered
 sǐ qí dead piece (in Chess) / stupid move / hopeless case
 qī qī bā bā almost / nearing completion / bits and piece / of all kinds
 bái zǐ white Go chess piece / bee pupa / albino
 xuān ornamental piece of jade
 xiǎo shì yī zhuāng trivial matter / a piece of cake
 xiǎo cài yī dié a small appetizer / a piece of cake / very easy (idiom)
 jí zuǐ jí shé lit. quick mouth and quick tongue / fig. to interrupt sb urgently and say one's piece / to chime in rapidly
 shí jiè to pick up cress / fig. sth easy to do / a piece of cake
 jiù tǐ old form of writing / piece in the old style
 lán zhāng a beautiful speech or piece of writing / your beautiful article (honorific)
 huì gū bù zhī chūn qiū lit. short-lived cicada does not know the seasons / fig. to see only a small piece of the big picture
 niǎo jī fowling piece (archaic gun)
 jì jiàn gōng zuò piece work
 zhuàn shù to compose (a piece of writing) / to write / (written) work / writer
 jí xuē magnet pole piece / pole piece
 yì huái guān jié ankle piece
  ankle piece
  foot piece
  foot piece
  recognition piece
 sān tí zhuō three-drawer desk (traditional Chinese piece of furniture)
 yī lì lǎo shǔ shǐ huài le yī guō zhōu lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of congee (idiom) / fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch
 yī kē lǎo shǔ shǐ huài le yī guō tāng lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of soup (idiom) / fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch
 jì zi piece of dough cut to the right size (for making jiaozi etc)
 gǒu zá suì piece of shit / scumbag
 xīn huǒ xiāng chuán lit. the flame of a burning piece of firewood passes on to the rest (idiom) / fig. (of knowledge, skill etc) to be passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another
 jī kuài chicken nugget / chicken piece
 jiē huó to take on a piece of work / to pick up some freelance work / (of a taxi driver) to pick up a fare
 lā huó (northern dialect) to pick up a fare (as a taxi driver) / to pick up a piece of work (as a courier)
 quán xū quán yǐ r (Beijing dialect) intact / in one piece
退 quán shēn ér tuì to escape unscathed / to get through in one piece
 jiè zhǐ boundary (of a piece of land or territory)
 quē jiǎo (of a square shape, such as a house plan) to have a corner missing / (fig.) to lack something / missing piece
 xiǎo gāng pào (coll.) piece of light artillery such as a mortar / (fig.) person who speaks boldly and frankly / hot hatch (car) / (also used figuratively with various meanings in other contexts)
𦈡 xū multicolored silk / piece of silk torn in two, used to verify the holder's identity by matching up the two halves
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