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 bù fen part / share / section / piece / CL:個|个[ge4]
 jú bù part / local
 líng jiàn part / component
 pèi jiàn component / part / fitting / accessory / replacement part
 fēn kāi to separate / to part
 bù fen part (of a whole) / piece / section / share / shell (Unix)
 bù jiàn part / component
 zǔ chéng bù fèn part / component / ingredient / constituent
 fèn zǐ members of a class or group / political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists) / part
 gòu jiàn member / component / part
 bō kāi to push aside / to part / to brush away
 jīng huá best feature / most important part of an object / quintessence / essence / soul
 cān jiā to participate / to take part / to join
 fēn bié to part or leave each other / to distinguish / difference / in different ways / differently / separately or individually
 shǔ yú to be classified as / to belong to / to be part of
 yī bù fèn portion / part of / subset
 yī bù fen portion / part of / subset
西 xī bù western part
 nán fāng south / the southern part of the country / the South
 běi fāng north / the northern part a country / China north of the Yellow River
 dà duō for the most part / many / most / the greater part / mostly
 zhǔ tǐ main part / bulk / body / subject / agent
 mó kuài module (in software) / functional unit / component part
 fēn shǒu to part company / to split up / to break up
 shēn chù abyss / depths / deepest or most distant part
 wài bù external part / external
 pì gu buttocks / bottom / butt / back part
 cān sài to compete / to take part in a competition
 quán guó gè dì every part of the country
 cān zhǎn to exhibit at or take part in a trade show etc
 wàn fēn very much / extremely / one ten thousandth part
 dōng bù the east / eastern part
 dà dū for the most part / on the whole / metropolitan
 dà dōu for the most part / on the whole / also pr. [da4 du1]
 dà bàn more than half / greater part / most / probably / most likely
 nán bù southern part
 shě bu de to hate to do sth / to hate to part with / to begrudge
 běi bù northern part
 shì yǎn to act / to play a part
 dǐng bù roof / topmost part / top (of tree, wall etc) / apex
 xià chǎng to leave (the stage, an exam room, the playing field etc) / to take part in some activity / to take an examination (in the imperial examination system)
 zhōng bù middle part / central section
 líng bù jiàn spare part / component
 bù shè reluctant to part with (sth or sb) / unwilling to let go of
 bù shě reluctant to part with (sth or sb) / unwilling to let go of
 zhòng xīn center of gravity / central core / main part
 lí bié to leave (on a long journey) / to part from sb
 bāo fu wrapping cloth / a bundle wrapped in cloth / load / weight / burden / funny part / punchline
 shàng shēn upper part of the body
 bèi bù back (rear part of the torso) / back (the area of a vertebrate animal's body on either side of the backbone) / (anatomy) dorsum
 jìng xuǎn to take part in an election / to run for office
 shě de to be willing to part with sth
 qián duān front / front end / forward part of sth
 yào hài vital part / (fig.) key point / crucial
 qián duàn first part / front end / forepart / front segment / the preceding section
 zhuāng zuò to pretend / to feign / to act a part
 xià shēn lower part of the body / genitalia / trousers
 hòu bèi the back (human anatomy) / the back part of sth
 yī yī to regret leaving / reluctant to part / (onom.) young leaves stir gently in the wind
西 xī biān west / west side / western part / to the west of
 bái bái (loanword) bye-bye / also pr. [bai1 bai1] etc / (coll.) to part ways (with sb) / (fig.) to have nothing further to do (with sb or sth)
 yī liàn to be fondly attached to / to not wish to part with / to cling to
 dà bù fen in large part / the greater part / the majority
 dà bù fen (in) large part / (the) greater part / the majority
 dōng bian east / east side / eastern part / to the east of
 mò qī end (of a period) / last part / final phase
 běn tǐ main part / torso / the thing in itself / noumenon (object of purely intellectual perception according to Kant)
西 Xī shī Xishi (c. 450 BC), famous Chinese beauty, foremost of the four legendary beauties 四大美女[si4 da4 mei3 nu:3], given by King Gou Jian 勾踐|勾践[Gou1 Jian4] of Yue as concubine to King of Wu as part of a successful plan to destroy Wu
 Hàn kǒu Hankou, part of Wuhan 武漢|武汉 / at the junction of Han river and Changjiang in Hubei
 ài bù shì shǒu to love sth too much to part with it (idiom) / to fondle admiringly
 yī yī bù shě reluctant to part (idiom) / broken-hearted at having to leave
 Huáng chéng Imperial City, inner part of Beijing, with the Forbidden City at its center
 běn fèn (to play) one's part / one's role / one's duty / (to stay within) one's bounds / dutiful / keeping to one's role
 wěi bù back part / rear or tail section
 èr fēn second part / the equinox
 Diào yú Dǎo Senkaku Islands (administered by Japan as part of Okinawa prefecture) / Diaoyu Islands / Pinnacle Islands
 gē shě to give up / to part with
 běi guó the northern part of the country / the North
 nán bian south / south side / southern part / to the south of
 běi biān north / north side / northern part / to the north of
 xiǎo shù small figure / small amount / the part of a number to the right of the decimal point (or radix point) / fractional part of a number / number between 0 and 1 / decimal fraction
 zhòng tóu xì opera rich in singing and dancing / the most important part or highlight (of a project, plan etc)
西 Xī běi bù northwest part
 dōng nán bù southeast part
 wěi shù remainder (after rounding a number) / decimal part (of number after the decimal point) / mantissa (i.e. fractional part of common logarithm in math.) / small change / balance (of an account)
 tí fǎ wording (of a proposal) / formulation / viewpoint (on an issue) / (one of eight methods of bonesetting in TCM) restoring the part displaced by a fracture to its correct position by lifting
穿 chuān bāng (TV or movie) blooper / continuity error / (theater) to flub one's lines / unintended exposure of a body part / to be exposed (of a scheme or trick) / to reveal sth one intended to conceal through a slip of the tongue / to blow one's cover
 dà dǐ generally speaking / by and large / for the most part
 jiǎ bàn to impersonate / to act the part of sb / to disguise oneself as sb else
 liàn liàn bù shě reluctant to part
 Qiān dǎo Hú Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang, aka Xin'an River Reservoir, created as part of a large hydroelectric project in 1959
西 xī nán bù southwest part
 yǒng bié to part forever / eternal parting (i.e. death)
 shàng wén preceding part of the text
 huā tán decorative mass planting of flowers and shrubs, often bounded by a low masonry border, and often part of a streetscape
 qián bù front part / front section
 rěn rǔ fù zhòng to endure humiliation as part of an important mission (idiom) / to suffer in silence
 hùn jì mixed in as part of a community / hiding one's identity / occupying a position while not deserving it
 shōu guān final part of a go game (see 官子[guan1 zi3]) / endgame
 qín gōng jiǎn xué to work part time while studying / work-study program
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