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 pì gu buttocks / bottom / butt / back part
 tún bù butt / buttocks
 xiào liào source of laughter / laughing stock / butt / joke (person)
 dìng buttocks / butt
 dǐ to butt / resist
 dǐ to butt / resist
 féng to butt (as horned animals)
 còu rè nao to join in the fun / to get in on the action / (fig.) to butt in / to create more trouble
 chā zuǐ to interrupt (sb talking) / to butt in / to cut into a conversation
 yān tóu cigarette butt / fag-end / CL:根[gen1]
 chā kǒu socket (for an electric plug) / to interrupt (sb speaking) / to butt in
 zhòng shǐ zhī dì lit. target of a multitude of arrows (idiom) / the butt of public criticism / attacked on all sides
 yān dì cigarette butt
 qiāng tuō butt of a gun / stock
 gǔ gōu buttock cleavage / butt crack
 yān pì gu cigarette butt
 zūn butt end of spear
 cù to butt against
 dǎ héng pào to butt in / to interfere / to make things difficult
 qiāng bà r butt of a gun
 yān pì cigarette butt
 tuō pí diào ròu lit. to shed skin, drop flesh / to work as hard as possible / to work one's butt off
 yān dì variant of 煙蒂|烟蒂[yan1 di4] / cigarette butt
 qī lǐ xiāng orange jasmine (Murraya paniculata) / "chicken butt", popular Taiwan snack on a stick, made of marinated "white cut chicken" butt
 gù dìng shì qiāng tuō fixed stock / fixed butt
 gù dìng tuō fixed stock / fixed butt
  folding buttstock / folding butt / folding stock
  folding buttstock / folding butt / folding stock
  telephone test butt
 pì gu dàn butt cheek / rump
𨱔 zūn butt end of spear
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